Medical Marijuana

The term medical marijuana is a term that that in Washington State refers to the female marijuana flowers grow for medical use and the products and services associated with the medical marijuana and medical cannabis industry. Here in Washington state a Collective Garden such as Plump Medical Marijuana is a safe, convenient, and affordable source for medical marijuana and medical cannabis in Seattle Washington (map).

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History of Kush

On the lush hillsides and in the fertile valleys of an area known as the Hindu Kush at the foot of the towering Himalayan Mountains cultivation of ancient indica dominant hybrid strains has progressed for thousands of years. In a recent renaissance hippies brought seed from these genetics to north america in the 1960-70’s. Strains cultivated in this region covering areas of Afghanistan to Kashmir have laid down the genetics for some of earths legendary strains. Due to higher altitudes and relative latitude of the Hindu Kush area plants developed in this region are well suited to northern climates like Alaska, Canada and the lower 48 United States.

Strains of world note have been developed in the lush regions all over the world including selections in North America that rival these classic Kush strains. Not all strains bearing the name “Kush” are of the original Himalayan Kush genetics. Ocean Grown (OG) Kush for instance is a Indica/Sativa Hybrid developed on the west coast of the United States in Northern California. This Strain has now many phenotypes and is cultivated across California and beyond.